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Marionberry Lemon Drop
Wild Roots Marionberry Vodka, Tuaca, lemon, simple  11.00

Power Sour
bourbon, Amarena cherry syrup, lime, ginger ale  8.25

Maple Old Fashioned
Dickel Rye, Fernet Branca, triple sec, maple syrup  9.50

Holiday Cheer-rita
cinnamon, allspice & anise house infused tequila, orange, lemon & lime juice, triple sec, simple  9.00

Apple Lime Rickey
bourbon, lime, pressed apples, soda  7.75

27th Street Special
shot of Burnside Bourbon with a can of Montucky Beer  9.00

Absolut Pear-adise
Absolut Pear Vodka, caramel syrup, lemon, bitters, soda  8.50

La Paloma
Milagro Silver, grapefruit, lime, sugar, soda  8.25

Classic Mule
ginger pureé, lime, soda served in a copper mug  10.00
Monthly: ask your server    Kentucky: bourbon
Moscow: vodka    Mexican: tequila

Seasonal Slushy
Ask your server about our daily creations


~ask about our 10 rotating taps~

Shiner Bock
16-oz can 5.25

12-oz can 2.75

Coors Light
12-oz bottle 3.75, bucket of five 18.00

16-oz can 3.25, bucket of five 15.50

Crispin Dry Cider
16-oz can 5.50

no-alcohol German beer 3.75

Ground Breaker
gluten-free beer  4.00


House Red
Portugal  6.50

Italy  7.00

House White
Portugal  6.50

Pinot Grigio
Italy  6.50

Italy  7.00

Sodas, Etc.

American Root Beer
Henry Weinhard’s draught 3.50

Cock n’ Bull
extra ginger beer 3.00

Ginger Limeade
ginger purée, fresh lime juice 3.50

Kobos Drip or Cold Brew 2.50

Red Bull
regular or sugar-free  4.00

hot or iced  2.00