drinks composite2


apple, cinnamon-ginger infused bourbon, honey, steam, cayenne, lemon 7.50

Power Sour
bourbon, cherry syrup, fresh lime juice, ginger ale 7.25

tequila, créme de cassis, house ginger syrup, lime 7.00

27th Street Manhattan
Dickel Rye, Cynar, sweet vermouth and orange bitters 9.50

La Paloma
Milagro Silver, fresh grapefruit and lime juice, smoked apricot bitters, soda 8.00

Iced Alexander
brandy, coffee liquer, chocolate bitters, Kobo’s cold brew, Baileys whip 8.50

Pablo Escobar
Kahlua, vodka, Orchata cinnamon rum, cream, splash of coke 7.00

Dark ‘n Stormy
Goslings dark rum, ginger beer, bitters, lime 7.50

Dew and a Brew
shot of Tullamore D.E.W. Irish whiskey with our rotating HUB beer back 7.00

Classic Mule
served in a copper mug, ginger puree, lime juice, soda 9.00
Kentucky = bourbon
Moscow = vodka
Mexican = tequila

Caffeine & Carbonation

Draft Beer
check out the chalkboards for our seasonal rotation

16-ounce pounder 2.75
bucket of five for 13.00

Coors Light
12-ounce bottle 3.75
bucket of five for 18.00

Cock n’ Bull
extra ginger beer 3.00

American Root Beer
Henry Weinhard’s soda 3.50

German non-alcoholic beer 3.75

Ginger Limeade
ginger puree, fresh lime juice 3.50

Kobos drip or cold brew 2.00

Grapes & Tannins

House Red
red selection of the day 5.50

Ernesto Catena 2013, AR 7 / 27

Cabernet Sauvignon
H.I.P 2012, WA 8 / 30

Pinot Noir
A to Z Wineworks 2012, OR 10 / 38

House White
white selection of the day 5.50

Sauvignon Blanc
Mohua 2013, NZ 8 / 30

Cono Sur 2013, CL 7 / 26

Villa Wolf Rosé
Germany 2014, GER 7 / 26