drinks composite2


Basil Lemon Drop
citrus infused vodka, fresh basil, triple sec, lemon, simple 8.50

Earl’s Old Fashioned
earl grey infused Jim Beam rye whiskey, aromatic bitters, Amarena cherry, charred orange zest, sugar cube 9.50

Ginger Mint Margarita
Hornitos Plata tequila, housemade ginger purée, fresh mint, triple sec, lime, agave 9.00

The Conductor
Jim Beam rye whiskey, Townshend’s spice tea liqueur, Laphroaig, sweet vermouth, aromatic bitters, orange zest 9.50

Cucumber Gin Refresher
gin, black raspberry liqueur, cucumber, fresh mint, lime, simple 9.00

The Forbidden
rum, vanilla citrus liqueur, pressed apples, cinnamon, simple, cream 8.50

Rustic Ginger Toddy
Jim Beam rye whiskey, housemade ginger purée, black walnut bitters, cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, lemon, honey syrup 10.00

Frost Bite*
Pinnacle Vodka, spiced liqueur, egg white, cinnamon, caramel, cream 9.00

Citrus Luck
Kilbeggan Irish whiskey, triple orange liqueur, aromatic bitters, lemon, grapefruit, simple 9.50

Classic Mule
housemade ginger purée, demerara, lime, soda 9.50
Kentucky: bourbon
Moscow: vodka
Mexican: tequila

Cans & Bottle

~ask about our 10 rotating taps~

Widmer Hefeweizen
12oz can  4.00

Shiner Bock
16oz tall boy  5.00

16oz can  3.5

Budweiser or Bud Light
12oz aluminum bottle  4.00

Omission Pale Ale
gluten-free beer, 12 oz bottle  4.00

no-alcohol German beer  3.75


Salted Caramel Wake-Up
Caffe Umbria coffee, housemade horchata, caramel, cinnamon, salt, whipped cream 4.00

Orange Glow
fresh orange juice, vanilla, cream 3.00

Ginger Limeade
housemade ginger purée, lime, simple, soda 3.50

Italian Sodas
vanilla ginger, cherry, orange, blackberry 3.00

(F)all Year Round
pressed apples, rosemary, cinnamon, caramel 4.00


House Red
Cabernet 6.50 / 25.00
[oak, vanilla, cherry, herbal tones]

Pinot Noir
Love Noir 8.50 / 34.00
[dark cherry, rich espresso, hint of chocolate]

A By Acacia 8.00 / 32.00
[strawberry, watermelon, wild cherry, cranberry, hibiscus flower]

House White
Pinot Grigio 6.50 / 25.00
[floral, tropical fruit, melon, pear]

Waterbrook 8.50/34.00
[pineapple, vanilla, pear, apple, tropical fruit, whiskey notes]

La Marca Prosecco (split) 9
[ripe citrus, green apple, minerals]

Sodas, Etc.

housemade horchata with rice, sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, almond milk 2.50
refill 1.00

regular or strawberry 3.00

American Root Beer
Henry Weinhard’s bottle 3.50

Cock N’ Bull
extra ginger beer 3.00

Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite 2.50

Caffe Umbria, regular & decaf 2.50

hot or iced 2.50